Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Description This is my pepeha and what food and tv show I like and more I had lots of fun doing my draft and I had fun doing my slid the headway for me was the auto correct. Other than that it was cool.

Feed back: I like the slide
Feed ford:I thought it was about the Olympics

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Suzi and the space nuts part 2 reading.

Description We are doing a Fred stuffed toy and he is a alin he's head is ment to be a Lime Coulour
And he's sun classes are blue and he's jumper is witht & red. I am working with Fyfe I liked doing the plan so I'm problem going to like making the stuffed to.
Feed back: it looks great Poppy 
Feed ford: maybe next time you could of said more about the jumper.

W. A . L. T. Making a soft toy. 

What my buddy thinks and what I think.