Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Two stars and a wish.

This is my two stars and a wish.


This is my post I done Rainbows end.
W . A . L . T make a advertise 
Description we where making a advertise and this is my advertise I was doing Rainbows end 
And then I was doing Kmart but now I am doing Rainbows end. 

Feed back good job poppy your post is good.
Feed ford I can't see your writing on the bottom picture. Jada

Thursday, 7 April 2016

This is my two stars and a wish.

This is my two stars and a wish. W . A . L . T  writing two stars and a wish. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Fun week

Camp week includes fun activities that are exciting and fun. They are full of fitness, art and all of those fun cool activities. At camp week we also made s'mores and put up tents. Imagine if all we did was eat pizza and make s'more and go swimming? This would be fun if we could do it every term. 

Every term we should have activities because they are fun and exciting games. I learned how to make a tent by looking at what they do and by helping as well. Then you can teach other people and then they will teach other people. 

When you are going swimming it is fun and exciting because you can experience the fun games. You can teach other people and then they will teach their family. If someone does daycare then they might teach the kids how to do stuff in the water. They will grow up and teach other people like their friends and so on. 

Therefore, I have proven that camp week is fun and exciting because of the activities. So that is why I agree

W . A . L . T write a persuasive argument
I'm trying to convince you to agree because you can have loads of fun doing this each term.
It well be great and you will love it. And you will want to do it every term.

I think I done a pretty good job 

Feedback. I think you done really well in using full stops and capital letters.
Feed forward:please try and add a description with your next blog post.

I think a yellow target 
Made by Poppy

Maths - Geometry

W.A.L.T give directions using a compass and a map.
This is my map that me and Jada have been working on! On the map we have a compass and it tells you which way to go, North, South, East and West.
Evaluation: I chose a yellow target because I had to cross out some of the words and correct them.

Monday, 4 April 2016

My family tree

W.A.L.T make our whakapapa
This is my family tree. I put the lower vines as my mums side and also the youngest.
And the leaves are decorations and so are the vines.