Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sports start.

Descrethoion. We had to go out to the court and take some photoes of us year 4 and 5s. The year 6s where at Japanes. And then we played a game of something else but I don't no what the game was could. Oh it was could think about is I think. 

W. A . L . T. Making a sports start post.

Feed back:I think you done well but next time just crop your photos to give it a little something. Quiana 

Feed ford: 

How to play so what you do is there will be a batter in front of the batter is a bowler the bowler has to bounce the ball befor hitting the ball there will be a hand full of people out scatered around playground. 
So say I was the batter and my friend was the bowler I have to try and hit the ball as far as I can so I have more time to run. And then I well run to the end of the cort if I won't I can stay there but if I hit the ball really far than I would most probable keep running back and ford. But if I hit it not far I would stay there well if you really won't to lose than you can keep on running. All the people that are around well try and catch the ball if that catch the ball on the full out but if thay don't than thay keep on trying to catch the ball and if that do than thay will cuck the ball to the bowler. The bowler can onely keep one foot in the hop if thay don't than the person that was running that did not make it to the pole than thay will get that point. And than it will start all over again and then we well swop over and the bowler is a different person from the grop that was batting thay will bowl you can try it out it home it is really fun and that is how you play. Things you need a tense ball a bat a bowler a batter and a group of people. And don't for get a place to play mabey a big open space. Also a destinness.  

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