Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Myths and legends.

Will the year 6 go to Japnes all we can say is good by and all the year 4 and 5 come rushing in and all you here is rihght lets start with a story. We do lots of drawing.    

W. A .l . T. Making a myth and Legean post. 

Feed back:It looks great Poppy
Feed ford: There is no problem

This is Leo the lion and this was I think the best I mean I would wright the hole story down but I have no idea what it said. And my Leo the lion is so cool.   

This is Cansa the crab I think this was the 2nd best this was so cool this story.
This was my last cool one I mean should I Say the 3rd cool story.
This is the story thing about our story and we all put some info at the bottom.
This is our story bord I think. 
 These are some of my pichurs I Stella have to
Coulour in.

 What I think. 

 What my buddy thinkers.

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