Thursday, 18 February 2016

Scuba diving

I woke up with excitement I am going to go scuba diving I wonder what I will see maybe 
Some treasure. I am under the water now. I can see some jelly fish but not treasure. Oh there's a 
Shark that's nice oh no there is not meat to be any sharks here run. I mean swim wait I can see some 
Treasure come on now is not the time I swim up to the top I'm back. I'm never coming back here
That shark was scary I'm going to my other spot. There is absolutely no sharks there is nothing 
That will heart you they have rocks and star fish and seaweed also trecher. And other pretty 
Things my place is the best I love it there I could live there that's how amazing it is. You should go 
There it's fun I saw a mermaid once.

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