Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Description: Today was the best day of maths we made a pai & I had to add all the numbers together & you had to see if it made 100. And mine did because I got help from the 2nd teacher. And we got to coulr the Pia in here is a look of my Pia.

W.A.L.T. Making Graphs in maths.
Feed back: you did good because your pictures are clear

Feedforward: you could make your picture of the strip graph so you can see the colours 


Sunday, 18 September 2016


Description: we went in a group of two I went in a group with Mikaela we made a Minion poster.
Here is a photo of what we had done and accomplished. 

W.A.L.T about Māori whakatauki (proverb)
This proverb means when you do something nice for someone they will do it back to you!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Geometry maths.

Description: This is my maths that I have done we made nets.

Feedback : I liked how you added more than one task. Arisha

Feedforward: next time you could add a little bit more writing on the description and you could explain about the tangram and nets. Arisha

W.A.L.T geometry.
I think I got a yellow. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Suzans nephews trip.

W.A.L.T Suzans nephews trip. My nephew is going on a long flight to the UK.  He loves animals.  On the plane, he needs something that he can play with and keep him occupied in a small space.  The pieces have to be able to be stored flat in a snaplock bag that can go in his pocket.


3 possibilities to prototype are: puppet & a puzzle animal cards but now I am doing a puzzle. 

I have chosen Prototype #   because: It is creative. And detailed. And colourful.   

My first prototype: (This needs to be detailed enough so that someone else can make it)

Tester 1's Feedback and Recommendations:

I really liked: how you have the Patons on the tertil 

A recommendation I have is:

Based on my tester's feedback, the changes I want to make are: It is cre

Tester 2's Feedback and Recommendations: 

My second prototype; (This needs to be detailed enough so that someone else can make it)

Monday, 5 September 2016

W.A.L.T research information about our country.

Description: We had to make a slide about the country we were researching!

Feed back: I like how you have all of the colours in your slide.

Feed forward: Next time you could have the link.😄Jada

Evaluation: I think I did good but I think I got an Orange because Rosie my teacher had to correct some stuff.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Seed to table

Description:This is my letter to Whaea Metarina I done it on piccollage I can't wait to see Whaea Metarinas expression. My country was England/Great Britain. Each group would go to the hall and they would make a main & a dessert.

I think I got a Orange target because I could of cropped the picture.

Feedback: the description is good because you explained about the groups and the country. Arisha.

Feed forward:  you didn't explain about the meals.

W.A.L.T cook food from the country we are researching. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Discrepthion:This is all about the olympics mascots I was working with Tui on a sheet. 

W.A.L.T All about mascots. 

Feed back: 
That is really cool Poppy I like all the information  mikaela
Feed foward: I think that you should try and have tidier writing mikaela
 This is my side. 

Cmiyc assesment.

CMIYC - Assessment Term 3 2016
Defensive Skills 
W.A.L.T Intercept the pass - use the targets to assess your progress!  

My weight is on the balls of my feet 
My knees are flexed. Yes
My eyes are on the ball. Yes
I am concentrating on the timing of the pass. Yes
I can push off towards the ball to attack the pass. Sometimes 
I can tip the ball. Yes
I can intercept the ball and catch it with two hands. Sometimes 

Feed back: I like your layout,  Kei Reira Poppy!
Feed forward: Next time add more in your description . Kate 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Discovery time

I had a lot of fun today my favourite was the skipping. and the clay.
W.A.L.T Discovery time post. 
Feed back: you did good

Feed fowerd:you could of done more writing  

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Olympic motto

DescripshonThis is my Olympic motto I was working with Rosie on the mat with a group we got to put it on paper and glue the icon on. 

W.A.L.T the Olympic motto. 

Feed back: you did great 
From Sam
Feedforward: you could of done a closer photo.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Te Reo

Description. This is my Aroha Atu Aroha mai draft picture.  I used Minnons America, Minnon Wolverine and Minnon Bob.  I had a lot of fun making the poster.

W.A.L.T making a poster about Aroha Atu Aroha mai and Kei Reira

Feed back: I like your poster
From caid.
Feed forward: you could make your Kei Reira poster better.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


Description I had to make a Olympic flag I yoused a cup to make mine great I think I need to make my curcuils bigger here is my flag. 👇  
Feedback: You done an amazing job Poppy well done👍
Feedforward: I think you could do nothing Ka pai Poppy.
From Izzy

W.A.L.T Olympic flag and slid. 
This is my slid 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Description This is my pepeha and what food and tv show I like and more I had lots of fun doing my draft and I had fun doing my slid the headway for me was the auto correct. Other than that it was cool.

Feed back: I like the slide
Feed ford:I thought it was about the Olympics

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Suzi and the space nuts part 2 reading.

Description We are doing a Fred stuffed toy and he is a alin he's head is ment to be a Lime Coulour
And he's sun classes are blue and he's jumper is witht & red. I am working with Fyfe I liked doing the plan so I'm problem going to like making the stuffed to.
Feed back: it looks great Poppy 
Feed ford: maybe next time you could of said more about the jumper.

W. A . L. T. Making a soft toy. 

What my buddy thinks and what I think. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

My hats.

 This is my hats for SLC. 
W. A . L . T. Doing my hats. 
Description. I had to write my hats down and put it in my Draft book. And then I had to put it in the pice of paper with a yellow hat and a black hat and a blue hat. I really enjoyed doing the hats it was so fun this term we onely have 3 hats last Term we had 4.

Sports start.

Descrethoion. We had to go out to the court and take some photoes of us year 4 and 5s. The year 6s where at Japanes. And then we played a game of something else but I don't no what the game was could. Oh it was could think about is I think. 

W. A . L . T. Making a sports start post.

Feed back:I think you done well but next time just crop your photos to give it a little something. Quiana 

Feed ford: 

How to play so what you do is there will be a batter in front of the batter is a bowler the bowler has to bounce the ball befor hitting the ball there will be a hand full of people out scatered around playground. 
So say I was the batter and my friend was the bowler I have to try and hit the ball as far as I can so I have more time to run. And then I well run to the end of the cort if I won't I can stay there but if I hit the ball really far than I would most probable keep running back and ford. But if I hit it not far I would stay there well if you really won't to lose than you can keep on running. All the people that are around well try and catch the ball if that catch the ball on the full out but if thay don't than thay keep on trying to catch the ball and if that do than thay will cuck the ball to the bowler. The bowler can onely keep one foot in the hop if thay don't than the person that was running that did not make it to the pole than thay will get that point. And than it will start all over again and then we well swop over and the bowler is a different person from the grop that was batting thay will bowl you can try it out it home it is really fun and that is how you play. Things you need a tense ball a bat a bowler a batter and a group of people. And don't for get a place to play mabey a big open space. Also a destinness.